Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bookcase Buddha

Its pretty late (4 AM), so I don't have time to write anything as meaningful or profound as I would like. But Buddhism was on my mind today, as it is everyday.

I let frustraition get better then me today at work. I felt really bad about it later, there was no reason for it, and I felt so bad afterwards because I realized how pointless it was to become frustraited in the first place. It definately reminded me on how Right View affects everything, my level of frustration has definately decreased since I have starting changing my perspective on things.

I went to a store after work today and bought a little bronze Buddha statue for my alter. It sits about six inches high, in front of him is a zen-style candle holder holding four tealight candles, one representing each Noble Truth. He looks very peaceful.

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They call him James Ure said...

Your altar sounds beautiful. I find so much solace with mine. I enjoy adding new elements and just letting the moment take me and tell me when I need to add a new element. My last addition was a gorgeous 6" Ganesh statue.

Namaste and Be well.