Saturday, August 16, 2008

10 Second Epiphany

No one, not even the enlightened ones, knows everything. The only difference between us and them is that they don't need to know.

....thoughts that enter my head while I do the dishes.


Samantha said...

Hey there!

You know, I love this thought. In many, many ways, so very true. In others, not as much as you might think. I was ascended for a while, hard to put into exact terms since linear time is an illusion... I'm back now, to recover the parts of me that were lost while on my previous path to enlightenment. Some of the "assumptions" of Taoist thought, which is found in much of the variations of Buddhism that flourish today are "flavored" by the times and places they grew in. I have found something that survives through time and space, the one thing that is shall we say a contradiction to one of the four noble truths. Memory and Feeling. Perspective grows, compassion evolves and becomes more and more encompassing, our souls grow, fed by the path and souls along it we connect with.

Souls are, at least for a time well beyond anything known here on earth at the moment, impermanent. I've have known some people, some souls now for at least five centuries that either of us have bothered counting. We are much the same core beings as we were five hundred years ago, even further, and our paths have touched many times.

When all is said and done, how we feel about something or someone remains long after both our physical forms have returned to dust. Unless of course we give that up.

Between physical incarnations here, we review the lives we've lived in the path, and draw to us lessons and experiences for the future. When we return to corporeal form, we are helped to forget, so that our eternal knowledge doesn't taint any given life we've lived in the past. In an odd way it helps at least temporarily enforce the impermanence of people, but it is I assure you, quite the illusion meant to keep us from "wallowing" in the pain of loss. If we were "distracted" by those lost to us from life to life, or worse, became obsessed with finding anyone still alive, things would become quite the mess.

For example in this life, my youngest sister from my immediate past life was still alive for quite a while. By the time I remembered her, I'd also figured out why seeking her out in this life wasn't the best of ideas for either of us. Didn't stop me from naming one of my plants after her, which was perfectly okay with the plant, so not a day goes by without me honoring the sister I left behind.

So I guess all of this is my long way around agreeing to a good extent your insight. I can just be terrible long winded at times...


Inner Oddness said...

Thank you for the very interesting and thought-provoking response, I enjoyed reading it.