Saturday, October 18, 2008

Palinbots Scare Me

I've seen a lot of videos circulating the web of clippings at Palin rallies expressing their opinion of Barack Obama. This is not the most disturbing, but it still one that makes me sad because it is a good example of how Palin's thoughtless remarks have polarized the nation. Yes, true die-hard racists have come out of the wood-work, but I like to believe that some of the people you see in these videos are basically good people who are mindlessly following the herd and altered their way of thinking in order to fit in. Conformity is contagious.


Uku said...

Interesting video. Well, we're all animals who are following their leaders, no matter are they right or wrong. As long as our minds are deluded and brainwashed, shit will happen. But, wise things will happen also. Everyone are not so brainwashed or deluded.

I live in Finland, far far away from US but I (and almost everyone I know) are very interested and maybe a little bit of concern about the elections. Of course we in here can not see the whole picture because we see it through media and etc. but we're really hoping that Obama will win. And boths campaigns seems so bizarre in here Finland because they're mocking each others, being really rude to each others to gain more votes. So absurd to be an asshole to gain more votes..

I think Obama would bring so much hope for the whole world. Well, this sounds naiive but even in here in Finland we can clearly see what Bush has done to this world... good things but very, very ignorant things too.

Well, I'm not a politician, I'm just a normal citizen and a Buddhist wanker; I'm just hoping that Obama or McCain, they will do more to build peace to this world and stop being a childish brat who wants more power and money.

TaraDharma said...

they may be 'good people' but they sure scare the hell outta me! Good people still do terrible things...when they believe God is on their side and that their way is the only way. They think they're good, too, but from the way they speak they are obviously not real deep, critical thinkers. And very un-American, if you ask me.