Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And we're back!

After a long and eventful summer, I'm back home and back into the blogosphere. Well, I never really left, but very few Buddhist-related things happened to me, thus very few blogs were posted on Coffee Shop Dharma.
However, as I dive back into school, with all its homework and anxieties, I also dive back into the wonderful world of Buddhism, as it always helps me cope with stress and keep the bigger picture in mind. I started out by attending a few special nights at the local zendo, where my teacher's teacher, Yoshitani-roshi of Nagasaki, visited from Japan to talk for a few nights, and reside over a full moon ceremony. His talks revolved around a brief chapter written by Dogen about the nature and proper form of zazen, as well as addressing the proper form of other gestures, such as gassho and prostrations. For many, I'm sure, it was review, but I found it immensely helpful.

The full moon ceremony was the first I've ever attended. It was quite beautiful and not swamped down with too much tradition. Every chant, every gesture had a purpose, and I could do it a thousand times and not feel as it I'm "going through the motions."

I wrote more detail of my experience at the zendo at my personal blog, Epiphany in Motion. Now that school is in session and I finally have stable and reliable internet access, there will be more postings on Coffee Shop Dharma. I would like to thank what few readers I have, as well as the entire community of Buddhist bloggers for creating such beautiful dialogue in our virtual reality.