Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Favorite Quan Yin statue

This is a famous statue of Quan Yin has always been one of my favorites. It is a Chinese carving from the Shanxi Provence, estimated to have been created around 1000 AD. I love it for a variety of reasons. All the well known symbols associated with Quan Yin, (such as the jar, a dragon, lotus flowers, dove/swallow, ect) which are present in other depictions, are missing in this one. The clothing is non-traditional.
Undoubtedly, my favorite thing about this statue is the pose. All at once it is casual, tough, and intelligent. It is a refreshing break from the typical meditation, standing, and sleeping poses we see so often today. It breaks the mystic atmosphere and makes her seem very human.
What is your favorite Buddhist depiction?


ZazenLover said...

Thanks for sharing....very thought provoking. :) I don't have a favorite per se, but if I had to pick one right away, it might be any of the "finger pointing at the moon" paintings. They are reminders that the teachings are the "finger."

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

I love this statue. Shambhalla Sun had a gorgeous cover photo of this last year(I tink). They offer a poster print of the photo on the website.
Not to criticize, but check your blog description, 'thought' is missing a 't'.

Will Simpson said...

This is my favorite.

Barry said...

It *is* a beautiful Guanyin - also a favorite of mine.

My personal favorite Buddhist depiction? Look in the mirror!

David said...

I don't know anything about Quan Yin but here are some pictures of buddha I like.

He's so happy

Don't forget this


Insincere religions should equally be feared. Not only will they wound you mind they will control it.

Phebe said...

This is one of my favorite Kwan Yin poses. I believe She is in what is called the 'Royal Ease' posture--ready to rise and answer our calls for help!