Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oddball Thoughts.

I wonder if the Suicide Hotline has been getting more calls lately.

It's a morbid thought, I know.
But with the economy the way it is, violence and suicides tend to rise. Which made me realize how much importance we put in wealth and all it's securities, and how dangerous this is. The amount of power we have let the concept of money generate is outstanding and appalling, and the corruption that follows it is disheartening.
I guess it was my mini-epiphany of the day, as I was helping a friend through a hard time, and thinking of all the people out there who need help, and all the people out there who provide help.

Thank you.

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Taru Sharma said...

There was a recent burglery in my best friend's house and we were thinking the same thing - probably the worsening economy is driving people desparate. An increase in such incidences won't be surprising if economy does not improve soon. May we all have the strength and courage to get through the rough times..